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I’m Rakshith Pai M. An Investor, Entrepreneur by profession, and an Economist (Monetarist) by passion. Professional Investor in Equities and other assets. Here to spread the concept of β€œSane Investing”.

I handle a β€˜Website’ and a β€˜YouTube channel’ to explain concepts in regards to various Investment options, Economic Analysis, and Behavioral Finance needed for Investors. Have high hopes for Indian Capitalistic Democracy and with an intention to promote free-market investment among Indians, started this project.

I started Investing in the year 2014 after a bitter fight with a bank manager over a dispute which kind of erased all the savings that I had saved in the bank in the name of “Non-maintenance of minimum balance”. I thought to myself. If I have to lose all my money. I rather lose it investing in the Equity market. This way I’ll learn a thing or two through the way. Also, this was the same year India was getting into its new age of Capitalism.

Immediately opened my first DEMAT account. I was 18 then. It’s been over half a decade and I’m happy that the event turned out as it did. Today, I actively manage my portfolio which’s diversified into Equities, ETFs, Bonds, Bullion, and a tiny bit of crypto. I manage a portfolio for myself and my family account. And, via this β€˜Website’ and a β€˜YouTube channel’ I manage, I shall share my experience and maybe help some of you into not making the mistakes that I did. I had none to explain to me what was right and wrong in Investing. But you got me.

If you have any doubts in regards to Investing and Personal Finance, you can contact me via any of the below attached social media accounts. 

To check my current portfolio, click here!

P.S. I’m active on Twitter. Meet me here @Iam_MrPai

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