7 Best Sectors for Wealth Creation by 2030: 

Top Sectors to Invest now to create massive wealth by 2030

Introduction to Indian Equity Market:

Before investing in Indian equities, one must know the various sectors offered by the market. The significance of knowing the dynamics of a sector for long-term investors cannot be overstated. Understanding dynamics is a crucial component of stock selection. Here, you can find in-depth analyses of several industries, including not only their past growth but also their important growth drivers and future prospects.

According to the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), there are 11 sectors in the stock market. In Nifty we have 13 major sectors and many more minor or sub-sectors, which include, Healthcare, materials, real estate, consumer staples, consumer discretionary, utilities, energy, industrials, consumer services, financials, and technology are among these industries.

What is a Sector?

A stock sector is a group of publicly listed firms that operate in the same industry, such as healthcare, energy, or real estate. In turn, the equities in each sector share similar characteristics.

Top 3 Sectors For Long-Term Investing – 2022

What industry is in high demand?

With time, the different sectors replace the rising sectors, just as the growing sectors in 2000 were distinct from the growing sectors in 2021. In 2021, EVs, Fintech, and a number of other industries, such as healthcare, had significant growth. 2022 will be a prosperous year for these three well-known industries that are future-ready, as well as those in India and the rest of the world.

The industry you’re in will have a significant impact on your overall portfolio return. These three industries are the best bets for the future.

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They are not fringe industry concepts; these are substantial, stable, and successful enterprises. Moreover, these leading industries of the future are inventive, fascinating, and well-positioned for expansion.

In the near future, these three industries offer both stability and a proven business plan, as well as a lot of room for growth and a lot of ways to make money.

Which industry will boom in 2030?

For an Industry to grow rapidly, we need the market it is in to grow. For instance, the Indian market is extremely huge standing at over 1.3 billion in population. But, that doesn’t mean each and every individual is your customer.  

Infact, even if 10-15% of the population is your customer, as a business leader your business will be well off. So, in order to find an industry that will boom in 2030, we have 2 options,

Industries that are already mature enough to serve their market. These are businesses that already have an established market, showing no signs of a slowdown. And then we have futuristic industries such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet Of Things (IoT), etc.

Top Seven (7) Sectors You Must Invest In Now!


India is a developing nation (in fact, the fastest-growing country in the world). And home finance businesses, often known as NBFCs (Non-banking finance companies), will play a significant part in India’s economic narrative. This is without question one of India’s greatest industries for long-term investments. 

In contrast to India’s big public sector banks, home financing firms, especially the banking and non-banking companies, have performed successfully for many years and will continue to do so.

A number of sectoral mutual funds have boosted their allocation to this sector of the economy, resulting in a greater market concentration of banking and financial equities. 

The capacity of these equities to consistently provide great returns is the primary reason for this, making banking sector funds a wise long-term investment. But mutual funds in the banking sector might not be the best choice for an investor who doesn’t like taking risks or who doesn’t know how the market works.

Top BFSI Companies:

  1. HDFC Twins [Housing & Banking]
  2. ICICI Bank Ltd
  3. ICICI Insurance Company [Prudential & Lombard]
  4. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  5. Bajaj Finance Ltd
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In the past two years, the Information Technology business has flourished, particularly in the disciplines of artificial intelligence, data analytics, data science, and big data. The IT business has expanded at such a rapid rate and magnitude that it is almost inconceivable. Approximately 33 Indian IT start-ups have earned “Unicorn” status, signifying that their worth exceeds $1 billion.

The Nifty Index of the IT Sector has returned a stunning 132% over the past two years. India has over 560 million internet users, making it the second-largest online market after China. It is evident that India is thriving in this industry.

Top IT Companies:

  1. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
  2. Infosys Ltd
  3. HCL Technologies Ltd
  4. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd
  5. Mindtree Ltd
Best Information Technology stocks to buy in India 2022


FMCG is the most secure industry for long-term investments in India. The bulk of items in this business have been used for more than a century and will continue to be used in the future. HUL, Dabur, Emami, ITC, and Nestle are well-known FMCG firms in India. The bulk of individuals in Indian cities and towns have used their products for a very long time.

In contrast to many other businesses that experience cycles of recession and expansion, the products of the FMCG industry are always in demand. During a recession or economic crisis, people may not purchase new cars, take out new loans, or invest in real estate or infrastructure, but because FMCG items are fundamental requirements, their demand will not decline as much as in other industries. FMCG companies have numerous opportunities for growth in every industry. If you are searching for a safe industry in which to invest over the long term in India, the FMCG business is one of the best options.

Top FMCG Companies:

  1. Hindustan Unilever Ltd
  2. Dabur India Ltd
  3. Marico Ltd
  4. ITC Ltd
  5. Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Ltd
Best FMCG stocks to buy in India 2022


Infrastructure may be regarded as one of India’s key economic drivers. The Indian government is investing extensively in highway and road maintenance, urban transport, and renewable energy as a result of its intense focus on growth in these areas. In particular, the steel industry has emerged as a good alternative for investors seeking sector fund prospects.

The Indian real estate industry is likely to gain momentum in the future months, as it is already going in the correct direction. With robust end-user consumption and tranquil market circumstances, the average quarterly sales volume is likely to surpass that of the pre-COVID year.

The unfolding of events as a result of Omicron is a significant influence in determining the dynamism of the sales following any lockdowns. Important real estate markets like Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai have already surpassed their expansion targets.

Top Infrastructure Companies:

  1. Larsen & Toubro Ltd
  2. Oberoi Realty Ltd
  3. G R Infraprojects Ltd
  4. Prestige Estates Projects Ltd
  5. Sobha Ltd


Leading automakers from all over the world are moving into India and setting up factories there to take advantage of one of the fastest-growing markets.

Also, Indian players like Eicher Motors (whose Royal Enfield motorcycle sales have been increasing), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd, etc. are releasing new models, facelift versions, etc. to meet customer demand.

Individuals’ increasing disposable wealth has led to a preference shift toward the four-wheeler market. The growth of the car industry will also lead to the growth of the industry that makes parts for cars. 

Top Automobile Companies:

  1. Tata Motors Ltd
  2. Ashok Leyland Ltd
  3. Eicher Motors Ltd
  4. Hero MotoCorp Ltd
  5. Bajaj Auto Ltd
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Renewable Energy

We are all aware that environmental circumstances are deteriorating, and as a result, the Paris Agreement places every country under immense international pressure to cut carbon emissions. 

Renewable energy has emerged as an extremely potential investment industry. Sales of solar panels and other renewable energy equipment are at an all-time high, and renewable electricity is getting cheaper. India aims to install 175 gigawatts of renewable energy by the end of 2022.

The Renewable Energy Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board (REIPFB) was established by the Ministry of Power to give one-stop help to industry and investors for project development and new investment in India’s renewable energy sector. 

In addition, over $79 billion has been spent on renewable energy in India during the past seven years, and India’s installed renewable energy capacity has more than doubled to over 141 gigawatts over this time period. Between April and July of 2021, investment in India’s renewable energy industry surpassed the previous high of $6.4 billion established in FY2020–21.

Top 5 Renewable Energy Companies:

  1. Adani Green Energy Ltd
  2. JSW Energy Ltd
  3. Siemens Ltd
  4. Tata Power Company Ltd
  5. Sterling & Wilson Renewable Energy Ltd


Healthcare is quickly becoming one of India’s most significant industries in terms of income and jobs. The Indian Healthcare Sector is growing and doing well because of a number of factors. These include an aging population, a growing middle class, a rise in lifestyle diseases, a focus on public-private partnerships, faster adoption and use of digital technology and telemedicine, and a significant rise in investor interest and FDI over the past 20 years.

At least for the next several quarters, investments in pharmaceutical sector funds are anticipated to generate favorable returns. It is best to invest in large pharmaceutical companies right now because mid-sized pharmaceutical companies are going through a change.

Since 2016, India’s healthcare business has expanded at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 22%, indicating that India was doing well even before the epidemic and that the numbers skyrocketed during and after the outbreak. 

India’s healthcare market is projected to develop at a 39% CAGR to $372 billion by the end of 2022, mainly due to the country’s expanding middle class, especially among the younger generation, and improving financial literacy and awareness. According to the budget for the fiscal year 2021–22, the government proposes to change the Insurance Act of 1938 to increase the FDI ceiling from 47% to 74%.

Top 5 Healthcare Companies:

  1. Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd
  2. Dr. Lal Pathlabs Ltd
  3. Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd
  4. Metropolis Healthcare Ltd
  5. Thyrocare Technologies Ltd


The economy has suffered as a result of the epidemic, but the markets are on the road to recovery. For investors with well-defined objectives and a fundamental grasp of sectors and sectoral funds, this presents new chances. In addition to researching the finest sector funds and investment plans, it would be beneficial to visit a financial professional and get your questions answered. 

Moreover, if you have worries about investing in pure equity funds, consider that even when the market is untrustworthy, acquiring these funds when they are accessible at a lower net asset value gives you a fair chance of big returns after the market has improved.

For long-term investments, it makes sense for an informed investor to invest in India’s rising sectors. Nonetheless, there is a valuable lesson to be gained from this: not every rising area will yield phenomenal results. Diversification is the most effective method for determining the top investment industries in India. Give money to different industries that you think will grow. This will lower your risk and make sure you don’t miss out on any industries that are doing well.

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