Top Five (5) Dividend Yielding Mutual Funds:

5 Years Annualized Returns

What are Dividend Yield Funds?

The primary focus of dividend yield funds, as a subset of mutual funds, is on investing in firms with the ability to pay dividends on a consistent basis. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) requires that at least 65% of a dividend yield fund’s assets be invested in dividend-paying securities.

Templeton India Equity Fund


5Y Annualized Returns: 14.19%

DSP Flexi Cap Dividend Fund


5Y Annualized Returns: 13.57%

Sundaram Dividend Yield Fund


5Y Annualized Returns: 12.57%

UTI Dividend Yield Fund


5Y Annualized Returns: 12.01%

ICICI Prudential Equity Fund


5Y Annualized Returns: 11.01%