5Paisa Review 2022: Everything you need to know!


5Paisa is a well-known discount broker headquartered in Mumbai. The broking business is one of the fastest-growing in the market and offers some of the lowest brokerage rates in the industry.

5paisa is a leading online stock broker in India, offering retail investors discounted brokerage services. 5paisa Capital Ltd is a publicly-traded and professionally managed firm that was founded by the founders of IIFL. It had over 1.2 million clients as of March 2021.

5paisa online trading is offered on the BSE, NSE, and MCX in the equities, commodities, and currency markets. It is a cheap stockbroker with a set rate. It charges a fixed fee of Rs 20 per trade, segment, or exchange, regardless of the size of the trade, segment, or exchange.

5Paisa’s subscription levels include the Basic Pack, the Power Investor Pack, and the Ultra Trader Pack. These plans offer a variety of incentives, ranging from no account opening fees to a flat fee reduction from Rs 20 to Rs 10.

5paisa Mutual Funds offers both conventional and direct mutual funds. For online mutual fund investments, they charge a flat rate of Rs 10 per executed order. An investor may invest in a flat sum or through a systematic investment plan (SIP).

Through its depository participant membership with CDSL, 5paisa offers a Demat account. In March 2019, CDSL named it a Premier Depository Participant.

The 5paisa trading platform consists of three components: a mobile trading application, a trading website, and an installable trading terminal. These platforms were developed using cutting-edge technology and have been acknowledged for their innovative use of mobile technology in financial services.

Customer ratings and review:

Sl.NoParticularsCustomer ratings (Out of 10)
1Brokerage Charges & Fees9.0 / 10
2Platform UI9.3 / 10
3Products & Services9.5 / 10
4Trading Experience9.0 / 10
5Customer Service8.7 / 10
6Overall Experience9.1 / 10

Types of 5 Paisa Account:

5Paisa Demat & Trading Account

5Paisa is India’s fastest growing discount broker, specializing in investing and trading in equities, derivatives (F & O), and currency. 5paisa is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. The 5paisa trading account is backed by the experience and technology established by its parent firm, IIFL, in the retail broking sector over the last two decades.

5Paisa provides trading services through a straightforward brokerage plan. Customers can trade across sectors at a flat charge of Rs 20 per order in the Optimum Plan, Rs 10 per order in the Platinum Plan, and for free in the Titanium Plan. This results in savings of up to 90% when compared to traditional brokers that charge brokerage fees as a percentage of overall revenue.

The 5Paisa trading account is well connected with the company’s other products, which include mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, bonds, and insurance.

5Paisa Mutual Fund

5Paisa’s core feature is an Online Mutual Funds Investment Account. You may start a free Mutual Funds Investment Account with 5Paisa.

Additionally, 5Paisa offers Systematic Investing Plans (SIPs), which are a type of automatic periodic investment in the stock market via mutual funds.

The ‘Auto Investor’ service, which assists with online mutual fund advice, is provided free of charge to its customers. This tool assists investors in selecting the appropriate funds depending on their risk tolerance and expected returns.

5Paisa Review – Pros:

5paisa is an all-in-one platform for financial investment goods. The following are the reasons why 5paisa is the chosen option for the majority of investors.

Charges at the lowest level –

The charges are reduced to Rs 10 when you purchase one of their value-added packs, thus providing the lowest in the industry in terms of charges for every executed order.

Brokerage is discounted by 50% for users, reducing the amount to Rs.10 for each executed order.

Research and Advisory –

5paisa is the only bargain broker that offers extensive research and advisory services on over 4,000 firms. They offer short-term and long-term call options, as well as derivative techniques and portfolio-based investing ideas.

You can review the daily market outlook and obtain market evaluations here before submitting any order requests.

This product is available to investors and includes a long-term advice recommendation, a model portfolio for new customers, detailed research on over 4,000 stocks, and timely buy and sell communication.

Margin Funding –

5Paisa offers a margin fund for trading options in which a customer pays only a portion of the delivery purchased in the cash sector. 5paisa funds the balance at a nominal rate of 0.06 percent per day.

Multi-Product application –

It is a one-stop shop for all investment ideas, including gold, peer-to-peer lending, insurance, mutual funds, and foreign investments.

Portfolio Analysis –

5paisa offers the Portfolio Analyzer, a self-service tool for analyzing your portfolio’s performance and optimizing your investment approach.

Here, you can discover a list of hot stocks that should be monitored on a regular basis. You may monitor your portfolio, develop benchmarks, and verify the execution of your orders.

Swing Trading –

Swing Trader is a tool designed for potential investors who are familiar with the swing trading strategy. The benefits include two to fourteen days (2-14 days) of short-term and daily suggestions, with a success rate of up to 60% to 65%.

Value-add packs –

With value-add packs, the first 100 transactions are free each month, and a fixed fee of Rs.10/executed order (50 percent discount) is charged for all segments beginning with the 101st trade.

5Paisa review – Cons:

  1.  Exorbitant Demat transaction fees. They charge a flat rate of 25 percent or 0.025 percent for the Optimum plan.
  2. In comparison to other cheap brokers, higher exchange transaction fees.
  3. Call & Trade is offered in the Optimum plan for an additional fee of Rs.100 per call. The user may place an unlimited number of trades in a single call for a flat price of Rs.100.
  4. 5Paisa does not provide services for NRI trading.
  5. Promotions for other products within the mobile application.
  6. A charge of Rs.100 for each call and trade, even if the mobile application is unavailable or inoperable.
  7. It is not possible to create several watchlists.

5Paisa Ultra Trader Pack:

This membership plan is primarily intended for active traders that require the best of everything. This plan costs only Rs.999 per month and includes an infinite number of benefits.

As with the Power Investor pack, this pack includes products such as a smart investor, swing trader, research, and portfolio analysis. This pack includes the following add-ons:

  1. Each month, traders receive up to 100 free trades.
  2. From the 101st trader order, the brokerage fee across all segments will be Rs.10 per executed order.
  3. Intraday options trades generate exposure of 4x, while cash segment exposure is similarly substantial.
  4. Charges for call and trade, money transfer, net banking pay-in, and DP Txn are all waived.

Brokerage Charges:

Sl.noParticularsBasic PackPower Investor Pack (Rs.499/month)Ultra Trader Pack (Rs.999/month)
1Monthly Brokerage Cashback00Up to Rs.1000
2Equity Delivery BrokeragesRs 20/orderRs 10/orderRs 10/order
3Equity intraday BrokeragesRs 20/orderRs 10/orderRs 10/order
4Equity Future BrokeragesRs 20/orderRs 10/orderRs 10/order
5Equity Options BrokeragesRs 20/orderRs 2/orderRs 10/order
6Currency Future Trading BrokeragesRs 20/orderRs 10/orderRs 10/order
7Currency Options Trading BrokeragesRs 20/orderRs 10/orderRs 10/order
8Commodity Future Trading BrokeragesRs 20/orderRs 10/orderRs 10/order
9Commodity Options Trading BrokeragesRs 20/orderRs 10/orderRs 10/order
10Call & Trade ChargesRs.100/per callRs.100/per callFree
11Fund Transfer ChargesNet Banking - Rs. 10Net Banking - Rs. 10Net Banking - Rs. 10
12UPIUPI - FreeUPI - FreeUPI - Free
13IMPSIMPS - FreeIMPS - FreeIMPS - Free
14Brokerage Calculator5Paisa Brokerage Calculator5Paisa Brokerage Calculator5Paisa Brokerage Calculator

Annual Fees for 5Paisa:

5Paisa charges Rs. 0 for the opening of Demat and trading accounts.

For annual trading maintenance fees, 5paisa imposes a different price for each of the three distinct accounts. However, there are certain plan fees, like follows:

  1. Optimum Plan – There are no plan fees.
  2. The Platinum Plan is priced at Rs. 499 per month (Rs. 4,444 per year).
  3. Titanium Plan – monthly fee of Rs. 999 (Rs. 8,888 per year)

The annual depository maintenance fees for various plans are as follows.

  1. Optimum Plan – Rs. 45 per month traded.
  2. Platinum Plan – Complementary
  3. Titanium Plan – Complimentary

5 Paisa Trading Platforms Review:

5Paisa Trader Station –

5Paisa Trader Station is a trading website that can be accessed via any web browser on a computer, laptop, mobile device, or tablet. The 5Paisa web interface is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. On the 5Paisa Trader Station, you can conduct any type of trading or investment. You can examine a consolidated statement of your equity and mutual fund portfolios, positions, and holdings.

5Paisa Desktop Application –

Trade Station EXE is a downloadable trading terminal designed for active traders in need of powerful trading tools. The application provides real-time data, enhanced intraday charting, and historical stock prices for comparison purposes.

5Paisa App (Mobile Trading App) –

5Paisa’s mobile trading app is one of the best in India when compared to other stockbroker’s mobile trading apps. If you are a small trader looking to do business on your mobile device, you should try the 5Paisa mobile app. The app provides fast access to functions and a pleasant user experience.

5Paisa’s mobile trading app enables users to trade on the NSE/BSE as well as to conduct Robo research and advise on the move. The 5Paisa app enables you to purchase stocks, trade stock, and currency futures and options, as well as invest in mutual funds and bonds.

5Paisa Algorithmic Trading –

Algo Trading automatically performs your trades depending on established factors such as time, price, and volume.


5Paisa is a leading non-bank financial institution in India with over two decades of experience in providing free technical, derivative, and fundamental research. You can choose from three membership levels based on your trading demands, and for an additional fee, they provide guidance to customers. On the contrary, it charges a large fee for Demat transactions. They charge a flat rate of 25 or 0.025 percent for the Optimum plan, and Call & Trade is available for an additional fee of  Rs.100 per call in the Optimum plan.

The user may place an unlimited number of trades in a single call for a flat price of Rs.100. They do promote more products using mobile apps, which a trader or an investor can be benefited from. 5Paisa does not provide NRI trading services as of now and charges even when the trader is not actively utilizing the service; it charges Rs.100 for every call and trade. They have higher exchange transaction fees in comparison to other cheap brokers.

On the plus side, they offer a free trading account with a fairly low fee for commodities, futures, and options brokerage. 

How to Open 5Paisa Demat Account?

Disclaimer: All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purpose only.

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