ET Money Genius Review – Invest Like A Genius!

ET Money Review - Invest Like A Genius!


Have you ever felt that you lack knowledge about investment and personal finance? Well, concepts such as Investment and Personal Finance do sound complex, right? So, how do we deal with this?

Should we approach a Chartered Accountant? a Certified Financial Planner or a Mutual Fund Distributor if we intend to invest in a mutual fund?

However, you will require assistance not only with tax planning and advisory services but also with selecting a mutual fund. What you actually need is a full-fledged, end-to-end service. Someone you can rely on, someone with a successful track record, right?

So here comes the ET Money Genius.

What is ET Money Genius?

ET Money Genius uses artificial intelligence to create an investment plan for you that will help you reach your financial goals. It spreads your money out over many different types of assets in the hopes of getting better returns for the risk you take. ET Money monitors the volatility of the market and adjusts your holdings as necessary.

So, it constantly monitors and adjusts your portfolio’s exposure to risk. And this routine check is made in order to outperform the market in terms of return. and to safeguard your investments from losses.

Hence, ET Money Genius takes care of all those portfolio-related tasks for you. It takes care of all the grunt work for you, and it does it in an orderly, dependable, and automatic fashion.

In this article, I’ll explain all you need to know about ET Money Genius. To paint a complete picture, we’ll discuss the investing problem Genius addresses, the service’s architecture, the investment approaches it takes, and its results.

First and foremost, ET Money Genius is a customised investment platform. As a result, let’s start with an explanation of how ET Money Genius tailors its services to each individual investor by looking at their unique traits and preferences.

ET Money Review: Features

ET Money Genius is a Personalized Investment Service. 


Personalized Investment Plan

With ET Money Genius, you get a customized investment plan that strikes a healthy balance between risk and return by inputting information about your risk tolerance, investor personality, and investment horizon.

Diversified Allocation

ET Money Genius uses a dynamic allocation strategy that takes into account the value of stocks, interest rates, price trends, and inflation to get consistent monthly returns while reducing risk. With Genius’s help, you can stop stressing about making the right investment decisions at the right time. Basically, timing the marketβ€”the most difficult part of investingβ€”is done on your behalf.

Risk Management

The most important aspect of investing is how you handle the risk component. Today’s market is extremely dynamic, and an investor must be extra cautious. As the market shifts, ET Money keeps an eye on your portfolio to make sure it never exceeds your maximum risk tolerance.

Portfolio Rebalancing

One of the most prominent ways to minimize risk is through optimal asset allocation. With ET Money’s dynamic asset allocation algorithm, you will get alerts when there are chances to either take more risks or keep profits steady, depending on how the market is doing at the time.

Easy UI

ET Money Genius gives a lot of consideration to the user experience. You won’t get the most out of Genius unless you take advantage of its alerts and suggestions as soon as they become available. As a result, you now just need to use one tap on the app to complete the procedure.


Membership Fees

Although the fees charged by ET Money Genius membership are very nominal at just Rs. 249 per month, Nonetheless, consumers may be concerned about spending close to Rs. 3,000 on an advisory service. 

Past Performance

ET Money Genius has been active for a little over a year. Although the backtested reports suggest that the portfolio returns are over 15%, Back-tested reports, however, can only be relied on to a certain extent when many factors are at play. 

How Does ET Money work?

Each type of investment instrument, whether it be an actively managed Mutual Fund, an Index Fund, or an ETF, adheres to a certain approach, focus, or style of investing. ET Money Genius offers a variety of alternatives in that regard. And to help you appreciate those distinctions, here’s a quick review of those distinctions.

The ET Money Genius’s unique ability is to analyze an investor’s characteristics and design tailored investment strategies. In addition, ET Money Genius provides you with access to 6 distinct methods that can assist you in accomplishing a wide variety of objectives, from anything that’s short term to the long term.

When allocating and rebalancing assets, its algorithm takes into account a wide range of factors, such as value, inflation, interest rates, price patterns, your level of comfort with risk, the amount of money you can invest, etc.

Moreover, Genius is unlike any other investment intelligence service since it prioritizes three distinct goals: outstanding performance, reliable returns, and robust drawdown protection. Also, portfolio risk is constantly monitored to make timely adjustments based on market conditions.

Last but not least, ET Money portfolios have a deadline that lines up with your time horizon. Hence, as you get closer and closer to your goal, Genius keeps lowering your portfolio risk.

It’s quite unlikely that you’ll discover a financial product that offers the same set of benefits. Hence, considering all the stated perks, we can state that the ET Money Genius Service is a comprehensive investing platform.

ET Money Portfolio Review:

As each ET Money Genius user has unique needs, the platform was designed accordingly. In this way, Genius’ portfolios may change to suit your needs as they change over time. It is unlike any other financial tool on the market today (mutual funds, bonds, or stocks). for the simple reason that no single financial instrument can be tailored to your specific needs. Your portfolio should reflect how you intend to use these investing tools to achieve your goals.

ET Money Genius’ portfolio includes six (6) distinct strategies tailored to specific types of investors. ET Money’s portfolio is divided into three major objectives:

  1. Generate returns in excess of the benchmark.
  2. Consistency of returns
  3. Better risk-return management

The aim of the fund is to create alpha with minimal risk. ET Money helps you achieve your goals via its six categories of investment. As a result, you can choose where to invest, considering your risk profile and capabilities.

Who is ET Money for?

ET Money Genius’ primary activity is to actively and dynamically distribute the investment among several asset classes (Indian equities, international equities, gold, and debt) to maximise long-term returns and minimise risk.

Without favouring any particular asset class over another, it calculates the optimal allocation based on a wide range of market parameters, such as valuations, price trends, interest rates, and inflation.

ET Money portfolio is monitored in real time, and it makes adjustments as necessary based on the latest market data. When building a client-specific portfolio, the user’s risk tolerance, the way they like to invest, and how much they expect their money to earn are all taken into account.

ET Money Products;

ET Money lets you choose from a total of 12 ways to invest, including 6 mutual fund portfolios and 6 stock/ETF portfolios. These diversified portfolios all employ the same dynamic asset allocation technique to determine the weights given to Indian equities, international equities, debt, and gold etc.

Equity exposure in mutual fund portfolios is often obtained through low-cost, low-activity index funds. Indian stocks are represented by an 8-stock portfolio in Stocks+ETFs portfolios, while exposure to overseas stocks, debt, and gold is provided through exchange-traded funds.

ET Money Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund Investing is a pooled investment. The fund management then invests the pooled funds in various asset classes, such as stocks, bonds, and even gold, in order to create returns for the investors. Each investor receives a portion of the profits or losses from these investments equal to their initial investment.

Mutual funds in India are sorted into many groups according to the kinds of assets they buy. The following are some of the most common, according to the ET Money Genius: 

  1. Equity Mutual Funds
  2. Debt Mutual Funds
  3. Hybrid Funds, etc.

ET Money NPS

The Government of India created the National Pension System (NPS) as a pension and investment system to safeguard the retirements of Indian citizens. It’s an appealing feature with an opportunity to save for the future in a way that is both safe and regulated, making the market-based return a desirable part of retirement planning.

At the end of the term, the client receives a lump sum payment in addition to their regular income, allowing them to enjoy retirement without financial worries.

Via ET Money Genius, you can set up an NPS account with an automated SIP with EasyPay.

ET Money FD

Investing in a fixed deposit, or FD, is a service provided by financial institutions, including banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). Fixed-Deposit Accounts (FDs) allow investors to earn a consistent rate of return over the course of their investment. The interest rate and the total amount you will receive at maturity are both determined at the time of investment. You can also choose to receive interest payments on a periodic basis.

ET Money FD account with Bajaj Finserv, with an assured FD return of 7% to as high as over 8% p.a.,

ET Money Health Insurance

Health insurance ensures that you are protected from the financial burden of unforeseen medical expenses. In the event that you or a covered family member requires hospitalisation, the health insurance company will pay for those costs up to the policy’s maximum coverage (the “sum insured”).

When you stay in the hospital for 24 hours or more, you pay a lot for things like room and board, doctor visits and procedures, nursing care, medications, diagnostic tests, imaging services, blood, oxygen, etc., which are among the various services offered via health insurance.

With ET Money Genius, you can access some of the top health insurance providers such as HDFC Ergo, Care, Star Health, etc.

ET Money Term Life Insurance

When it comes to term life insurance, it’s all about security. With term insurance, the beneficiary receives the whole sum promised in the event of the insured’s untimely demise during the policy period.

Term insurance is inexpensive, straightforward, and consistent in cost over the life of the policy.

ET Money offers Limited Pay Term Plans with the best insurance providers such as HDFC Life, ICICI Prudential, Max Life, etc.

ET Money LoanPass

ET Money LoanPass gives you a dedicated line of credit and access to funds around the clock. The ET Money app allows you to make instantaneous wire transfers to your bank account with flexible repayment terms to fit your lifestyle.

ET Money SmartDeposit

Smart Deposit surpasses the capabilities of a traditional savings account in every way: it allows for greater returns, paperless investments, no commitments, the freedom to terminate at any time, and fast access to your money.

SmartDeposit can help you earn higher rates on your regular savings contributions, annual bonus, gift money, and any other spare cash you may have. 

The money you deposit in a savings account is often invested in the money market (business loans, preference shares, Treasury bills, government securities, etc.), with the bank acting as a middleman, resulting in lower returns for you. But with SmartDeposit, you may invest directly in the money markets and earn higher profits!

ET Money Genius Pricing:

Genius is a subscription service that’s charged every quarter. During your subscription, you may make as many trades as you like with no additional cost and access all Genius portfolios. Yet, you may be subject to costs depending on the stocks or mutual funds you trade out of and the brokerage you use.

ET Money Genius is a membership programme that’s automatically renewed, and the payment can be made via EasyPay, which will be linked to your Genius Membership account.

Is ET Money App Reliable? Is it Safe?

ET Money’s app is built with bank-grade security to keep users’ data safe at all times. Users don’t have to worry about their information being shared because data security is a top priority.

Also, for the safety of the users’ data, ET Money employs the most advanced encryption methods and stores it in secure, off-the-grid data centers. Independent auditors who work with the top banks and NBFCs check and evaluate the internal system of our financial services app on a regular basis.

As far as financial safety is concerned, ET Money is a well-recognized and widely-known platform used by millions of Indians. The goodwill of the service provider is at its own height. But, it is suggested that the investor do their own research before investing in any financial products, including “ET Money Genius.”

ET Money Review – Conclusion:

Everyone of us has several long-term monetary objectives. We have certain objectives that we want to accomplish in the immediate to medium term, and others that we hope to accomplish in the next ten to fifteen years. All of our objectives may be broken down into three time frames: immediate, intermediate, and distant.

Important investment decisions sometimes perplex investors. Where and when should we invest? We need advice on how to properly allocate our assets, suggestions on our spending habits, etc.

Also, we must get answers to questions such as, “In what ways might we re-establish equilibrium?” How to weather the market’s inevitable fluctuations? There are, of course, other questions that might be asked. But the correct responses to these inquiries have eluded the vast majority of us.

ET Money Genius is a bespoke investment service that provides comprehensive solutions to such issues. It’s a one-stop shop for achieving your objectives with above-average returns. Most significantly, Genius provides superior drawdown protection along with superior returns. For these reasons, the Genius Portfolio techniques are indispensable for any serious investor.


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